_MG_9374A social security officer once Googled me, and he had troubles putting my vision together, with his concept of entrepreneurship. For him, trading a social surplus was no suitable value for an entrepreneur because it doesn’t result in making a profit. Notwithstanding, I consider myself to be an entrepreneur. I have a chamber of commerce accreditation, so every now and then I send out an invoice and I pay my bills.


Money does not concern me.


My goal is to sustain myself and to make the world we live in a more beautiful place.


I don’t work to make a financial profit, I invest everything I earn directly into our society. As an entrepreneur I embrace my responsibility for our society and I refuse to partake in self enrichment.

My expertise is at your disposal, to help you making your dreams come true. Doing so, this helps my dreams come true as well.

Each assignment helps me to grow as an individual as well as a professional. Money is not an issue in deciding whether or not I accept an assignment. What makes me tick is the content, time and energy for the job.


  1. Do I have time for it?
  2. Does it give me more energy?


The vision of the Franciscan monks provide me with my passion and drive to do my work each and every day.

 The value of a project is estimated afterwards, because money should not play a role in realizing it.


Indeed, every new experience, meeting new people and creating new things are as valuable as money. Money is just a means to achieve a certain goal. My goal is to possess as little as possible and to experience as much as possible, to share and to learn.

The visions of Nils Roemen and Juul Martin have greatly inspired me. They are the founders of ‘Dare-to-ask’ in Nijmegen. From my perspective, they have transposed the old values of Franciscan monks to our modern times.

Their vision is born from the idea of social surplus and the GIVEconomy. They agree that there is enough for everyone in this society and in essence, everyone enjoys helping each other out. From this perspective, anything is possible.



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