Special film shoot in Palermo

Some pictures of a very special shooting day:

we arranged an interview with a 93 years old Prince in Palermo.

He lives in a beautiful villa Valguarnera near the sea.

We had an awesome dialogue about HEARTworking.

A movie we are preparing for next year: the follow-up of SPARKS OF LIGHT.

In front of villa Valguarnera


Waiting for the prince…my mother is interpreting the conversation.

Just a room in his house



Down the stairs

A little present from Holland: Zaanse Huisjes!

Thank you Francesco Alliata Principe di Villafranca, we will send you a postcard soon.


Photography: Jules Stoop

One Comment  to  Special film shoot in Palermo

  1. John Stoop schreef:

    It’s very special, a nice little palace, where you can grow very old, healthy ground and beautiful environment.

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