How I got back on my feet

pinnenI was a complete peanut-butter-and-jelly-sandwiches-are-crazy-enough-for-me kind of person, until I got hit by a car on 9/11/2010 and couldn’t walk for 3 months because of a shattered kneecap.

After one year I still didn’t feel any better, I got stuck inside my own body and mind because I HAD to get better, find a job, get a career!

But I was tired, oh so tired, and rehabilitation hurted me so much, I walked with a limp and after standing up straight for half an hour I was exhausted.

The doctors ran bloodtests which had the same result over and over; I was ‘healthy’ as a horse. “Just keep training” was the advice. The problem was, I just couldn’t!

After six months I still couldn’t walk decently and I was still sleeping 12 hours a day, let alone being able to work.

When I got into welfare, as a highly educated woman, I hit rock bottom: when you’re on welfare, you’re worth zero in this society.


There’s also not much of an understanding for people who are recovering from an operation, since I can tell you that a tibial plateau fracture is not much fun.

My new knee was being kept together by 9 pins and a titanium plate. After sitting at home for over a year I started practicing Kundalini Youga once a week. The only bright spot, once a week.

I very slowly dared to move more and more, my thoughts became calmer. I got more energy, but most of all, the SENSE to do things returned to me.

Instead of applying for jobs, I started out for myself.

It was the only option since I couldn’t do any physical work, like homecare and teaching.

Next to that I could not concentrate for more than 4 hours a day without overstraining myself.

So entrepreneurship is the solution!

You choose your own projects, working hours and no boss and colleagues around telling you what to do.

After one and a half years of falling down, getting up again and just keep on going, I figured out how to get more things done than I had ever thought possible!


For example, De Gangmakerij (freely translated: The Pacemakery), a platform for people who work with a passion and believe in the GIVEconomy, cognitive surplus, making things happen and ‘dare-to-ask’.

Now there’s a new definition for it: pacemaking.

You do something because you like it, de return is an enrichment for society and working on a better community.

I’ve also developed myself to become a film coach: I help people realizing their films and let them do as much as they want to / can. This can be educational, for schools, but also for a 1 on 1 session with self-employed persons who want to create their own films.

And that’s only a small portion of my activities and experiences… 2012 was my peak year!

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