Making films is my passion, I film and edit short movies, documentaries and reports.

Making a film is a huge creative process: turning your stories into images, find fitting music and sounds and next to that, making a film ready for web or dvd is pretty technical. I don’t only make film, I also really like to teach making films.

These aren’t theoretical lessons, the kind that overflows you with information. I’ll immediately put you to work with a camera and a storyboard. You’ll discover in a playful manner what making movies is, once you start.

Filmmaker + Teacher

Making a movie is expensive and takes some time. In this age everything is about moving images and this makes film one of the most powerful tools to communicate your message.

Because not everyone feels like making a professional movie and some people want a result on short term, I offer you my assistance as a film coach.



I have experience as a museum, film and CKV teacher at grade schools and junior high. I’ve also teached in Central America. Want to know more about my lessons and workshops? Have a look at:

The way I work

Intake: What do you want, what kind of material is already available, what do you want to reach with your movie? We’ll have a conversation with each other about the result we’d like to see.

1st version: I’ll start working on your movie. When there’s already some material, we’re able to start pretty quickly.

Discuss and implement feedback: we’ll have a look at the 1st version together and will directly edit it. You’ll take the final version home or we’ll directly upload it to the internet. Bring your USB-drive or account logins of your youtube/vimeo accounts.


I like to work with social capital, the GIVEconomy. Give me something which comes from your expertise or cognitive surplus, if it’s something that I’m desiring. Check my wishlist to see if there’s something that I can use. A short movie is usually around 1300,- euro, but it depends on a lot of things, don’t hesitate to give me call and i can give you a precise estimation of the cost.

Making documentaries

This is what I love to do most.

In 2006 I’ve made my first documentary, because I was gripped by the situation of my nephew and niece, two special twins who I’ve followed intensively for a month. The premiere of this documentary was at the Shoot Me filmfestival in The Hague and was nominated for a contest of Hollanddoc, where you can still see it online.

At the moment I just finished my first co-creation movie, for which I did the final editing. In this project I closely work together with a platform of LightWorkers, we had a amazing time together! Here’s a teaser of the movie, which will be available this summer!


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