My givelist

I believe in the GIVEconomy.

Because giving is the most beautiful thing there is. And there’s always something in return.

That’s why I’m deploying my capabilities and talents to help you. Dare to ask, maybe I have the time and feel like giving you something!

The other way around, you can also give me something from your social surplus or expertise.

Just try it, you’ll always receive more than you’ll be expecting.



  • Creating or teaching film concepts, storyboards, script writing, etc.
  • Filming and editing (just short films, unless it’s a very interesting documentary, I have a weakness for that) in iMovie
  • Kundalini Yoga lessons, mantras and meditation
  • Marketing advice, developing a PR and communication strategy for your company or event
  • And, by extension: basic graphical designs of logo’s, flyers, posters, websites, etc. with Adobe Creative Suite
  • Writing promotional texts
  • Help you executing your business idea and setting up a step-by-step plan on how to reach your goals
  • And, by extension thereof: Pacemaking! Bringing commotion, launching new movements. I’m a real pacemaker and I love brackish ground; the more emptiness, the better. Give me space and emptiness and I’ll give you energy!




(crossed: I’ve already received this!)

  • URGENT: An expert in organizing foreign travel
  • URGENT: An expert in shop-business or popupstores
  • English translation of this website in English or a summery of my work and bio.
  • ALMOST: A yoga room / gymnasium in Leiden, with a minimum of 20 m², clear floor, quiet, dimmable light. Available once or twice a week (for example on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday nights). In exchange, you (or an acquaintance) can participate in the Kundalini Yoga classes I’ll be teaching.
  • Retweeting, sharing and promotion of this site and my blog articles
  • A nice location somewhere in the Netherlands where I can organize yoga retreats
  • Using your holiday home / garden house to stay at, once every while
  • Personal coaching / personal development
  • Converting this website into WordPress and helping me out with the technical details
  • Painting / drawing / carpentry lessons (doing stuff with my hands, I love most of them)
  • TEMPORARY  HD film camera 
  • A semi-professional film camera with mic
  • A macbook pro or macbook air
  • Bookkeeping (Doing it, not advice)
  • Cutting my hair, preferably kinky, each month.
  • Healthy and fairtrade food (nuts, dates, figs, vegetables, tea, fruit, muesli, soup)
  • Revising my web texts
  • Secondhand clothing, dresses, jackets or all-white clothes. Natural materials only.
  • Nice blank notebooks, drawing books, without lines.
  • Craft and painting gear
  • Shopping trolley (the one used by elderly people)



A commune / farm with a spacious studio / atelier somewhere in nature

Traveling through South America in a VW minivan or on a motor cycle (ever seen Motor Cycle Diaries?)

Living and working in a urban monastery.

6 Comments  to  My givelist

  1. Michele schreef:

    Chiara, mi piace molto il tuo sito e sopratutto i valori che esprime. Complimenti !

  2. Joost Snel schreef:

    Mooie Site Chiara! Love de industrial look!!

    Ik heb lekker Fair trade fruit voor je. Heb ook nog food waste fruit ( over de datum maar absoluut nog goed )

    Ga ook je sap acties doen voor je retraite.

    Zie uit naar een toffe film voor de website. Zal een mini script uitdenken dan kan je er eens naar kijken.

    Goed bezig! Gr Joost

  3. Fake schreef:

    I’ve attempted to use, nevertheless it will not functions whatsoever.

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